About Universidad de Aconcagua – UAC

Nine UAC campuses along the country


The University offers a learning environment designed first and foremost to serve students’ interests  helping them finish their college degrees and achieve career success.  It operates independently of an owner structure and is free to focus on providing quality education to students. The University tution costs are also affordable. Universidad de Aconcagua is led by an accomplished staff under the direction of a Board of Trustees with strong ties to the local community. It also seeks the input of community leaders through Advisory and Alumni Boards.

The Social Responsibility of our University is to exercise a role as an agent of social inclusiveness while promoting personal and social opportunities for students and adult learners at local, regional, and national levels.

  • University enrollment comprises 70% of working students who aspire to attain a higher level of training for a second degree or a professional career.
  • The coexistence of young students and workers is an enriching element of the university community and allows the University to create “an open space available to all”.
  • The University of Aconcagua is proud to offer programs where international students can share the same classroom with Chilean undergraduates from diverse backgrounds.

GoAbroad-UAC is responsible for supporting the negotiation, facilitation, and coordination of institutional relationships with international partners. In order to foster international and national initiatives, the University has formed UAC Advisory Boards throughout the nine university campuses located in North, Central and South of Chile with members who belong to Public and Private sectors and with the mission of assisting the University set and achieve strategic objectives and, at the same time, get involved in international activities.